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Flexible Land Purchase and Line of Credit Programs / Hard Money and Bridge Loans


  • Retail Land Financing Programs for Selling Land to End Consumers 
  • Sell Land with 90% to 95% Owner Financing 
  • Terms up to 360 Months
  • No Bank Financing Is Required 
  • Receive a 99% Return on Sales Price 
  • All Land Loans Can Be Sold Without Discounting 
  • No Appraisals Are Required on Land 
  • Credit Decisions Within 24 Hours
  • Funding Within 48 Hours of Credit Approval 
  • Funding Source Services All Receivables 
  • Funding Source Handles All Collections 
  • Provides an Ongoing Source of Land Financing for Future Projects
  • Land Developer Credit Lines up to $5,000,000
  • Land Portfolio Purchase Program

Commercial Funding for Land Acquisition and Development


Sovereign Capital's land financing funding source offers a retail land sales program for qualifying land developers, who sell land to end consumers with owner financing.  This land financing program offers land developers an opportunity to strengthen and improve liquidity by selling land with easy owner financing, through the Purchase Facility Program This program affords land developers the benefit of cashing out their real estate receivables, or cash flows at closing.

All real estate receivables, including deeds of trust, mortgages and land contracts can be considered for evaluation and purchase through the retail land sales financing program.  However, only domestic real estate receivables, created from property sold in the United States, can be considered for purchase through this program.  Further, this retail land financing program is not available for hard money bridge loans. 

Land developers, who use the Purchase Facility Program, can sell land to end consumers with attractive owner financing with as little as 5% down.  Sovereign Capital's land financing funding source offers up to 95% financing to end consumers, and purchases the new real estate receivables from the developer at closing, with no discount.  All closings are done in the developer's own office, saving the borrower the task of looking for, and trying to qualify for bank financing.

This retail land financing program allows the developer to keep 86% of the sales price at closing, and receive a full refund of the reserve, which is paid back quarterly.  The land developer's total return is 99% of the sales price of the property.

Credit approvals are made within 24 hours, and closings are done quickly in the developer's own office.  Funding is completed within 48 hours of submission of all documentation.  The funding source handles all collections and services all receivables.  No appraisals are necessary.

This unique retail land financing program is easy to manage, and provides an ongoing source of financing for future projects.

Land developer credit lines are available for up to $5,000,000 to qualifying land developers, who use this retail land financing program to sell land with owner financing to end consumers.

These programs offer land developers the opportunity to sell, or borrow against, new, or existing land loans, while providing very desirable owner financing to end consumers. 

Sovereign Capital's funding source works with land developers who understand the benefits of selling land with owner financing, and specialize in selling vacant, rural, residential or recreational property.  These land developers market different kinds of real estate including, lake lots, mobile home and subdivision lots, golf course property, mountain and coastal property, hunting tracts, ranches and acreage.

These creative land financing programs offer many benefits to land developers.  They are designed to provide a secure, ongoing source of retail land financing, and to increase liquidity and improve cash flow.  These land financing programs will help to strenghten, and grow the business of each land developer who uses them.

The land financing programs discussed above are not available for hard money and bridge loans.  However, hard money and bridge loans are available to qualifying real estate developers who need funding for commercial land acquisition and development.


Purchase Facility

Developer Credit Line

Acquisition and Development Loan

Portfolio Purchase Program

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